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Whitney Schrader is a Content Writer and Digital Marketing Specialist out of Boise, Idaho. She has experience working for agencies and enjoys spending her free time outdoors.

Common Cycling Ankle Injuries: How They’re Caused & Prevented

2023-03-08T11:45:37-07:00March 8th, 2023|Articles|

Cycling is a beautiful sport- and a growing number of people around the globe can testament to the thrill they experience when on a bike. Some think that cycling greatly correlates with the science of positive psychology- potentially benefiting our physical and mental health, social circumstances, increasing gratitude and awareness, and more. While more people [...]

Is Skiing a Good Form of Exercise? Learn the Benefits You Can Expect.

2023-02-15T11:31:58-07:00February 15th, 2023|Sports & Fitness|

While winter can be a time of rest, being cooped up inside month after month can get old. Many people crave a way to get exercise and fresh air during the winter. In this blog post, we’ll go over what types of exercise skiing is, the muscles used, and the differences between different kinds of [...]

Is Walking Considered Cardio Exercise?

2023-02-15T11:18:21-07:00February 15th, 2023|General Health, Sports & Fitness|

When most people think of cardio exercise, they might picture marathon runners pounding pavement or road cyclists zooming down steep descents. With walking seemingly being a lot “easier” and mild, many people wonder if it is considered cardio exercise at all! In this article, we’re going to explore what cardio exercise is, whether or not [...]

Learn How Long it Takes to Recover From a Medial Collateral Ligament (MCL) Injury

2023-01-18T11:27:40-07:00January 18th, 2023|Sport Injury|

Did you know that knee injuries are the third most common sport-related injuries? The knee is a complex joint and endures a lot during athletic activities. If you’re reading this now, you might be an athlete who’s experienced a knee injury suddenly. If so, we highly recommend that you get an exam from a qualified [...]

Learn About the Most Common Basketball Injury Among Players

2023-03-13T11:56:01-06:00December 16th, 2022|Injury & Prevention, Sport Injury|

When Americans think of high-injury sports, they may think of football, rugby, or boxing. But according to data from the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System (NEISS), in 2021, the most injuries that landed Americans in the emergency room were actually from basketball! Because basketball is a contact sport with complex movements, players are at risk [...]

Is Swimming Good for Shoulder Impingement (SI) Pain?

2022-12-14T11:46:55-07:00December 14th, 2022|Sport Injury|

Swimming is known for being a wonderful form of exercise for people who experience arthritis, disability, asthma, or who are recovering from an injury. Many injured athletes that want to stay active will turn to swimming for cardiovascular and resistance strength building. But is swimming beneficial for exercise if you have a shoulder impingement? Let’s [...]

How to Start Trail Running (With Safety Tips!)

2022-11-21T16:31:33-07:00November 21st, 2022|Sports & Fitness|

Big rolling hills and rocky terrain seem exhilarating, right? The thought of zipping through the mountains on a rugged single-track trail during sunrise or sunset is enough for most runners to lace up their shoes. While it may be dreamy, trail running demands you to come prepared. So lace up, listen in, and learn how [...]

Sports Medicine vs. Physical Therapy: What’s Best For You?

2022-12-02T16:28:07-07:00November 21st, 2022|Physical Therapy|

If you have a condition or injury that you’re seeking treatment for, you might be comparing two different options: sports medicine and physical therapy. While health professionals in these practices treat many of the same things, there are some distinctions between the two! This article will cover what sports medicine and physical therapy are, why [...]

Learn How To Foster Muscle Recovery After Exercise

2023-03-13T11:58:03-06:00October 26th, 2022|Health and Wellness, Injury & Prevention|

Regularly exercising allows you to strengthen different muscle groups and improve cardiovascular health. But sometimes, people who regularly exercise forget that muscle recovery allows you to reap the benefits of why your exercise in the first place: maintaining or increasing muscle mass, boosting brain function, and strengthening your body. We’ll explore why muscle recovery matters [...]

Understanding Common Ski Knee Injuries

2022-11-21T16:22:05-07:00October 13th, 2022|Sport Injury|

Knee injuries make up one-third of the total injuries that occur during ski season. Overall, ski injury rates have decreased over the years, but knee injuries have stuck around.  With enhanced designs of modern ski boots, we’ve been able to better protect bodies from ankle and tibia (shin) injuries, but these modifications have not significantly [...]

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