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Here’s What You Can Do to Avoid the Most Common Running Injuries

2022-07-19T13:32:09-06:00July 19th, 2022|Sport Injury, Sports & Fitness|

Did you know that over 50% of regular runners have more than one injury yearly? Some of these injuries happen through accidents, but most are caused by other factors. We’re going to take a look at the most common running injuries and some of the best ways to avoid them. The Most Common Running Injuries  [...]

Patellar Tracking Disorder: What it is, Causes, and Treatment

2022-07-05T15:54:17-06:00July 5th, 2022|Physical Therapy, Sport Injury|

Patellofemoral tracking syndrome, or patellar tracking disorder for short, is a type of patellofemoral pain common amongst athletes. In this post, we’ll share what patellar tracking disorder is, common symptoms, ways to potentially avoid it, and treatment options.  Studies and the Orthopedic Review Molly Vora, Emily Curry, Amanda Chipman, Elizabeth Matzkin, and Xinning Li contributed [...]

How To Prevent Shoulder Injuries in Volleyball

2022-07-05T12:18:35-06:00July 5th, 2022|Sport Injury, Sports & Fitness|

Volleyball is one of the most popular sports in the world. According to many estimates, it ranks only second to soccer (football) in global popularity! We’d like to share the most common injuries in volleyball, shoulder injuries, and preventative measures you can take to keep your shoulders safe and healthy as a volleyball player.  Information [...]

Spinal Cord Injury in Mountain Biking: What’s the Risk?

2022-07-05T12:06:41-06:00May 6th, 2022|Injury & Prevention, Sport Injury, Sports & Fitness|

Many people are interested in mountain biking but are hesitant to try for fear of catastrophic injury. Spinal cord injuries with subsequent paralysis are among the most debilitating injuries someone can obtain, and they do occur in mountain biking. Mountain biking is still a relatively new sport that has gained a global following since the [...]

Rotator Cuff Injuries From Rock Climbing: What They Are and How To Prevent Them

2022-07-20T11:41:56-06:00May 6th, 2022|Injury & Prevention, Sport Injury, Sports & Fitness|

Climbers are gutsy. They’re committed to their sport, test the limits, and work through their adrenaline. But unfortunately, pushing yourself to your limits can cause issues if you’re not considering your overall health. Rotator cuff injuries are one of the most common injuries among climbers. We’re going to dive into what a rotator cuff injury [...]

Here’s How You Can Prevent Injury While Cycling

2022-06-13T09:11:44-06:00April 1st, 2022|Sport Injury|

If you’re a cyclist, you know the blissful feeling of sunshine on your back, the breeze through your hair, and the ground moving beneath your feet. Listening to the hum of your tires and feeling the steady rhythm of pedaling forward can be meditative. It’s a wonderful way to clear your head, get outside, and [...]

Knee Injuries and Snowboarding: Protect Your Knees This Winter Season

2022-07-05T12:07:10-06:00March 11th, 2022|Injury & Prevention, Sport Injury, Sports & Fitness|

If you’re someone who dreams of fresh powder and the first run of the season you might be eager to get out and go this winter. Before you do, we want to help you make sure you’re protecting your knees in the best way possible! We’ve pulled snowboarding injury statistics to give you an overview [...]

ACL Injuries: Quick FAQs and Additional Resources

2022-04-26T17:22:42-06:00May 4th, 2020|Sport Injury|

Did you know approximately 150,000 to 200,000 ACL tears occur in the United States every year? These injuries commonly happen in sports during contact injuries (when your knee is either struck by another player) or non-contact injuries (when a twist occurs to the knee while your foot is planted on the ground). If you’re playing [...]

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