Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation in Boise

Physical therapy and rehabilitation services are focused on restoring and improving physical function and mobility. No matter if you're recovering from surgery, managing a chronic condition, or treating an injury, the right therapy services can allow patients to regain independence and achieve their optimal level of physical function. Here at the Idaho Sports Medicine Institute (ISMI), we offer a range of Idaho spine and physical therapy services for all types of patients who need physical therapy and compassionate care as they get back to their daily routines.

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What’s Limiting You?

There are many types of injuries or procedures that could leave you in need of occupational therapy or physical therapy and rehabilitation. Some of the most common issues that we treat include:

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Joint Pain

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Neck Pain

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Muscle Pain

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Sprains, Strains, & Tears

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Post-Surgery Rehab

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Mobility & Strength Limitations

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Knee Replacement

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Hand Therapy

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and more!

How We Can Help You

So, now that you know a little more about physical therapy and its uses, let’s talk about some of the specific ways that we can help you! Below, we’ll go over some of the basic services that we provide. Keep in mind that beyond our physical therapy services, we can also connect you with top-notch physicians to treat other concerns.

Helping You Reach the Finish Line in Physical Therapy

Whether you’re dealing with work injuries, accidental injuries, or sports-related injuries, we’re ready to guide you throughout the process of physical therapy and rehabilitation. We can assist with everything from back pain to sciatica when you opt to utilize our physical therapy services. Request an appointment today and we can get started on your treatment plan. We can even coordinate with your healthcare provider to keep them informed throughout your recovery. Our patient testimonials speak for themselves, you can trust you’re in good hands at ISMI.

Our Big Wins

“One great part about receiving physical therapy with ISMI was running and doing physical therapy exercises occasionally on the Boise State University Broncos Smurf Turf! My kids loved coming with me to physical therapy and seeing the Albertsons Stadium (which ISMI is attached to). I would HIGHLY recommend ISMI, Dr. Lewis, and Brad! Thank you for giving me my life back and the ability to get back to what I love doing! You guys truly are the best at what you do!”

- Joshua H.
“ISMI’s team did a fantastic job providing my family and me with all the knowledge to do what was necessary for recovery, always treated us with respect and enthusiasm, and even became like friends/family. I felt so moved by their compassion and care that I’ve been studying to become a Doctor of Physical Therapy to reciprocate that treatment to others. Thank you, ISMI, for all that you do!”
- Peter C.

“All the staff at ISMI are incredibly helpful, compassionate, and educated. The doctors are attentive and listen to your needs and concerns. They truly take the patient’s history into account, take the time to figure out your needs, and come up with a solution.  ISMI is always my first and only choice!”

- Connie D.
“Dr. Miller has been incredibly helpful and fantastic at sharing her knowledge to help me recover from both shoulder and knee surgery!  She has also been open to my thoughts about options too, which has been refreshing.”
- Darren D.

“Dr. Scheffel is hands down the best! I train hard and push the limits, and Dr. Scheffel keeps me in the gym and training!!! He’s pragmatic, professional, motivating, and compassionate – he wins all the way around! My only regret (each time) is not having seen him sooner!”

- Ben A.
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